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January 21, 2008

We've not only got a new review for you today, but a whole new reviewer (not just half a reviewer like last time - boy that was a nasty mess). So V not only stands for Vendetta, but for Violet this week!

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V for Vendetta

V for VendettaGrotuu the Unspeakable: Grotuu found this movie to be something of a disappointment. The central character, for all the talk of separation from humanity, seemed quite mundanely mammalian to Grotuu. Four limbs, one sensory bulb with mask and hat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Where is the inhumanity? Where is the frightfulness? Grotuu sees only another bipedal primate with some epidermal abnormalities and an unusual affinity for athletics...

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Stare at the Wall

Tired of cumbersome rules and dice getting in the way of your role-playing? Disgusted with game designers deciding what your character can or can't do? Are you ready to set your imagination free? Then maybe you're ready for Stare at the Wall! To play Stare at the Wall, you need only one game book, a wall, and your imagination!

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A Picture of a Kitten

GulaCalvin: This kitten is exactly the sort of squishy nonsense I would expect from a Hollyweird production. We are expected to love it simply because it is "cute" even though it has never worked a day in its life and never intends to. I suppose I would be accused of being "mean-spirited" if I didn't pet it...

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