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V for Vendetta

Director: James McTeigue
Screenplay: Andy & Larry Wachowski
Stars: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving


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Grotuu the Unspeakable
Grotuu found this movie to be something of a disappointment. The central character, for all the talk of separation from humanity, seemed quite mundanely mammalian to Grotuu. Four limbs, one sensory bulb with mask and hat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Where is the inhumanity? Where is the frightfulness? Grotuu sees only another bipedal primate with some epidermal abnormalities and an unusual affinity for athletics. There were several tantalizing moments when the mask almost came off and Grotuu thought, "perhaps there are antennae" or "perhaps there are arachnoid mouthparts" or even -oh, delightful fantasy- "perhaps there is only a tentacle with a mouth on it," but alas, such moments were no more than a cruel tease. Grotuu would like to imagine such things behind the mask, but somehow He remains unconvinced.

Violet Dementia
What is this crap? I take this job after being assured that all I’d have to do is rent the occasional obscure DVD and my first assignment turns out to be a current box office hit. You have no idea what a pain it is to arrange security and my entourage when I go out!

To top it off, being the new girl sucks! To say that I have not yet meshed well with my co-workers might be an understatement. I’m willing to give it time, although I’m a little bitter about having to share a desk with Judith. This is not because she has weird personal space issues, but she never seems to leave the desk. Not ever! The one time I saw her leave the desk for the restroom, she never got out of her chair. She just rolled herself down the hall, taking the chair with her. Fortunately it did not take long for me to figure out that Judith is a drunk. All I had to do was bring her a chicken wrap for lunch one day with a pitcher of Bloody Marry (extra spicy, double vodka) and the bitch was out. Now I could wheel her into the bathroom and get to work!

This is not a movie you want to see with Grotuu the Unspeakable. He seemed infatuated with my hair color. During the film I received no less than six marriage proposals from him and he kept doing this weird trick where he would pick popcorn out of the bucket with what I hope was his tongue. It is so difficult to focus on the deeper meaning of a film when the words “You will carry Grotuu’s spawn. You will mother the army that conquers the universe,” keep echoing in your head.

There are a few key points that I feel are worth mentioning about the movie. Hugo Weaving’s acting was just awful. While he did manage to convey emotion, his facial expression never changed throughout the entire film. The plot is interesting however. The story takes place in the not so distant future. The United States is no longer what it once was so George Bush has relocated to the United Kingdom and had himself declared High Chancellor of a new fascist regime. Everybody who is anybody hates the High Chancellor and they all have these nifty hidden closets like Yvonne Craig in the old Batman TV show. The main difference, of course, is that these closets are filled with contraband art and books in addition to the skintight spandex and pleather suits. Not to fear, someone has hatched the ingenious plot of snatching Guy Fawkes from the past so that he can lead another Gunpowder Revolution against the evil High Chancellor Bush. You want to root for Fawkes until he locks up sweet little Natalie Portman for the better part of a year. I mean, who but Nute Gunray could be so cruel to that pretty little thing?

In the end we are left with a very powerful message that rings true in our contemporary world. “People should not be afraid of their government. People should be afraid of Grotuu the Unspeakable."

Carolyn Maccabee
I haven't seen this movie and I'm sure I wouldn't like it if I did. Be careful. People who like this movie are disappearing every day. My research indicates that it was, in fact, released by the Shadow Cabinet and Target to get potential anarchists to expose themselves by endorsing its message. Open your eyes, sheeple! They've used the Wachowski brothers for this before, you know. How many people do you hear talking about how great the Matrix is? Not too many these days. They're all gone!

Calvin Schultz
It is rare that a decent movie slips past the liberal Hollyweird censors and manages to get a message of substance out to the people. V for Vendetta, however, is such a film. This movie shows us in horrid graphic detail just what kind of nightmare world the liberal media is trying to make for us, and at the same time gives us a lantern of hope in the form of a champion of for all decent people, V. Much like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter, V stands up to the leftist campaign of global misinformation and puts the fear of God into them.

One can also find a note of valuable warning in the timely V for Vendetta. Note that it is the liberal fascist government which caused the terrible disaster that killed so many Irish in the movie. This is much like the way liberal fanatics today keep inviting disaster with weak policies in the War on Terror and constant whining about communist style "civil liberties" when our national security is at risk. The place where V is experimented upon, also, reminds me very much of a stem cell research facility. Make no mistake, while V is a noble hero and someone all conservatives can look up to, we would still be better off preventing his necessity by stopping the liberals from taking over.

There was something about the casting that suited me as well, although I can't quite put my finger on it. All of those actors looked like people I would be willing to share a water fountain or a restroom with, though.

Judith Tolbert
V for Vendetta is the tale of young Theo (Natalie Portman), a shepherd from somewhere in the Greek peninsula. In order to save the woman he loves (hauntingly portrayed by John Hurt) from being devoured by the Minotaur, Theo allows himself to be captured and thrown into the labyrinth, where he hopes to find her. Deep in the labyrinth, Theo meets the gladiator called Tron (Hugo Weaving) and comes to terms with the heavy burden of his messianic role in the struggle to come.

This movie takes us to some dark places morally and spiritually, and will no doubt ruffle a few feathers with its implications about the Minoan Empire. Still, V for Vendetta is well worth seeing, if only for the dramatic final confrontation between Tron and the Minotaur (Stephen Rea), in which we learn the true source of their life-long enmity.

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