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Picture of Gula

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Calvin Schultz
This kitten is exactly the sort of squishy nonsense I would expect from a Hollyweird production. We are expected to love it simply because it is "cute" even though it has never worked a day in its life and never intends to. I suppose I would be accused of being "mean-spirited" if I did not pet it. Well, I won't pet it, and I urge all right-thinking Americans to take pride in their work ethic and join me in shunning not only this kitten, but kittens, puppies, and green vegetables everywhere. Kittens represent every wrong-headed idea that has turned this great nation away from its former glory, and I refuse to tolerate them any longer.

Grotuu the Unspeakable
While Grotuu seldom has any use for mammals, he found this creature to be strangely endearing. Looking at this picture, one finds oneself overwhelmed by the urge to wrap one's tentacles around the tiny animal it depicts. While this would not be unusual in itself, the desire to crush the encircled creature and devour its pulpy remains was strangely absent. Had Grotuu not already been banned from all local pet stores, he might look into such a thnig.

Carolyn Macabee
I know what this is. I saw the hypnogogic patterns that came in that "game" we were supposed to review earlier. Just because they're better hidden in this kitten picture doesn't mean they aren't there. I won't look! I won't!

Thomas Williams-Martin
This is easily the most exploitative thing the YBFG editors have ever done! Why are we reviewing a picture of a kitten? Has this kitten (Gula? Is that its name?) or its family been reimbursed for the use of its image? For that matter, I don't even see a listing of Gula's demographic information. How am I supposed to explain this in my EEOC report? The Animal Actors' Guild is going to be all over us for this one, and I really can't blame them.

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